New Blog Update

Hello all. I hope everyone’s summer is going well. I am still sweltering under the Texas summer sun, but looking forward to coming home soon and once again joining everyone around the fire.

As you can see, there have been a few changes to the site. I’m making it more specifically geared to the Thursday night group, and taking out most of my personal writings. I will continue to blog on various subjects, however, under Recent Ink. Otherwise, I have dedicated it specifically to the activities and conversations of the group. I will continue to make some changes and additions to it that will hopefully make it more enjoyable to peruse.

I hope a few of you all are continuing to get together, even though summertime tends to be pretty quiet around the fire. But I look forward to some cool fall evenings soon when we can all share some Scotch and tobacco again.



~ by Mark Neal on July 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “New Blog Update”

  1. Good to find a gathering of brother briar -smokers, coal-biters, malt-tasters, fellows with some inkiling of how to enjy good company and conversation. I had the pleasure of smoking and talking with Jerry in Cambridge and he wil tell you more when he appears himself. but meanwhile heres a link to an account of our conversation and a little poem about JRR and his pipe

    • Thanks, Malcolm, for checking out the site. I’m looking forward to what Jerry has to say about his time in Cambridge. I enjoyed the poem and the recollection on your site about the gift of the pipe. If you ever find yourself wayfaring in this area, we’d love to have you stop by some dark, chilly Thursday night to huddle in close and smoke a pipe with us around the fire. Peace.

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