Update on Briar Blog

As I sit outside on this muggy Texas evening smoking a bowl of Balkan Sasieni, I am thinking of the many fine evenings that I have spent over the years with companions around the fire on Thursday nights. These meetings have become such a part of the fabric of my life that being absent from them feels a little odd, like missing  chapters from a well-loved narrative.

I am taking a short hiatus from the brotherhood of the briar blog while I am in Texas, as I cannot be there in Wheaton to record conversations or observe interesting events such as the incident of the Scotch and the burning jacket (!) I will be writing on other subjects though, so stay posted.

I raise my pipe to each of you who  have attended  brotherhood of the briar, be it few or many times. Your presence and the group’s influence have been an important part of my life. Keep smoking and keep talking. Start your own group in another place and stay in touch to let us know how it goes. Linger around the fire a little longer. Listen. Invite someone new. Realize that this community is a gift.

I am going to miss those nights during my stay here in Texas, but I look forward to coming back soon to share a bowl of something just right, to taste a little of the smoothness of single malt whiskey and to once again be a part of the important conversations and community taking place.

Until then,

Peace like a river


~ by Mark Neal on May 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Update on Briar Blog”

  1. You are already missed, sir.

    Texas is a great country, cleverly disguised as a state. The Lord bless your journeying in its land.


  2. What justice said….

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