While the oceans of your eyes spill
into the sea-green depths of your grief
I am left to wander through your tears,
a boat drifting and caught
on the nameless shores of your tidal love.

You are a reed, slender in the wind
who I have bruised with my calloused
salt-stained hands, a flower of the waves
all light and liquid and sundrift,
a star among starfish.

Why it was given me to notice
your fragility, the child’s cheek-curve
in the woman’s face;
your eyes limpid and trusting;
the line of grief running though your body,
I do not know.

My sun bleached bones rotting in the sand
cannot protect the frightened sea storms
that threaten to undo you,
cannot protect the simple desire for love
that ran as surely through you
as a river to the sea
though I would have died for the chance.

My love, as the stars cover the sea
and I wander soul lost and broken
in some far night
remember the strength of the ocean,
for it is yours; and the stars always give way
to the dawn.


~ by Mark Neal on November 18, 2009.

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